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My name is Sally and I am an Emotional Wellbeing Consultant. I live with my husband and two grown up children on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Emotional   Wellbeing                                                                                                                                             What is What is Emotional Wellbeing? It does sound a bit abstract and I have often pondered exactly what it means. Especially as I have struggled with emotional sensitivity for as long as I can remember.

For me Emotional Wellbeing comes from being in balance with ourselves in Mind, Body and Spirit. We are all familiar with the first two aspects but often overlook the latter.

Whether we like it or not we are a delicious mix of all three aspects and finding the balance between them can bring dramatic changes into our lives. We have a mind, we have a body and we have a spirit. Without all these aspects we wouldn’t exist here in the physical realm!

Often people shy away from the spiritual side thinking that spiritual = religious and that to embrace their spiritual self they are going to have to make drastic life changes and to be “perfect” all of the time. They equate spirituality with having to act in some strange “perfect” way that doesn’t fit them. (This couldn’t be further from the truth!)

Others can get caught up in constantly paying attention to spiritual practices and forget that they are here on earth for a reason that requires them to be fully human. This has its own issues and can make day to day life difficult in a more physical way. It can lead to not being grounded and aware on the physical level which can lead to heightened sensitivities and poor boundaries.

For me we are as much a spiritual being as we are anything else and denying that aspects of self can bring a great deal of unhappiness and unrest. Finding equilibrium can be an ongoing job but a very necessary and worthwhile one. Stagnation should NOT be an option!

We are aware that there can be complex issues with the mind and body and we have specialists that we can go to for help and support. However there can also be complex matters with the soul that we need to find support to move through. The more we look after all 3 aspects the fewer problems we have in all areas. A bit like running a computer with 3 programmes open there can be incompatibilities and glitches that frustrate and slow us down and not always in the areas we would expect. If we can find the programme or app that runs all 3 aspects simultaneously things flow with a lot more grace and ease, and there is equal focus on all areas or equal time allocated to each aspect of ourselves. This is a lot more harmonious way of being.

We look after our minds needs on a very basic level by keeping it active and by not letting it get caught up in worrying thoughts. We look after our body’s basics needs by making sure we drink enough, eat enough and move enough. However when it comes to looking after our spiritual needs we often feel like we are going round in circles and getting nowhere fast.

The spiritual path is not a straight one but a spiral. Each time we feel like we are back to square one, going over the same old stuff, we have actually completed a loop and are ready to move forward a level and to shed yet another layer. Healing that part of us and allowing us to see more clearly where we are going. It is at this transition phase that we can feel like we are stuck on an elevator between floors.  This can lead us to become confused and disheartened, whereas with a little support and guidance we can begin to see this phase for what it is. Just like the transition phase of child birth – we feel like everything has stopped and we may want to hide and ignore the inevitable. The new energy and state of equilibrium will be achieved when the time is right.  It can’t be forced but neither can it be stopped.

My area of expertise is in supporting others as they navigate their spiritual path. I have worked with spiritual development long before I even knew that is what it was! Looking at our spiritual self we can find clarity and clues that bring harmony to the mind body and spirit.

There is no need to do anything elaborate or spend hours on end meditating. I help you to explore what you need to bring flow and harmony into your life. Once we have looked at that we then discuss the best course of action for you. I can help you to interpret what is going on for you spiritually and emotionally.      I can also give you the key to the door to move forward, however it is ultimately up to you whether you open and step through the door or not.

To find out more see https://sallyarthursemotionalwellbeing.co.uk/work-with-me