Welcome, my name is Sally and  I am an Emotional Wellbeing Consultant.

I Work with people who are highly sensitive  and those who find that they are easily emotionally overwhelmed.

I help you explore what is going on for you and with the support of flower and vibrational essences find ways to help you back to a place of emotional balance that brings  peace and clarity.Allowing you to fully embrace life.

Vibrational essences provide a gentle non invasive, holistic form of healing that can be very subtle but at the same time very profound.

I understand how debilitating and overwhelming sensitivities can be and I have written an Ebook to help others begin to understand their own sensitive nature. In this EBook  I will  share some practical tips on helping reduce emotional overwhelm and some vibrational essences that can help you feel more calm, composed and empowered.

To download your free copy of my EBook ” The Empaths Guide to a Sensitive World” just sign up via the form on the side bar to the right of this page.

About Me