This website is dedicated to my passion and work with Vibrational Essences, Starlight healing and my wish to empower other people to find their own place of emotional wellbeing.

I believe that no matter what our passions and interests are, unless we  bring them into our everyday life and allow them to enhance it – then we are selling ourselves short. We may always have that longing and feeling that a piece of the puzzle is missing. Often that missing piece is either the connection to your starlight self or buried deeply under an emotion that has caused you to close off to that part of you in some way.


How can flower, gem and star channelled essences help me?The essences are the energetic imprint of energy from flowers, plants, gems and also channelled essences.Each imprint relates to a specific emotional aspect  and in taking the essence we are imprinting the positive most beneficial vibration which can help us to see what the issue is and how to begin resolving it.

Why Starlight?  

                                                                                                                                                          Everyone has a starlight aspect but not everyone works with it, we are all aware of how the positions of the stars at our time of birth affect us and shape our character. We have also had many lives connected to various different stellar configurations that have an influence on our understanding of ourselves and the world around us

That all might sound a bit strange. So how can it help YOU?

You can simply work with the essences by taking them and having the assistance of the key quality that the individual essence works with here is a link to read more about individual essences                                                                               or you can choose to work with them more deeply via immersions, self reflection or bespoke consultations. See work with me https://sallyarthursemotionalwellbeing.co.uk/work-with-me

When we feel unfulfilled and feel we have something we should be doing but we cant see what it is or find a way to fill that void, it is often the starlight part of us that needs activating. This can present as something that comes up for us time and time again and much as we have explored the issue, worked through it and don’t want it to be a problem anymore there is still this residual inability to finally detach from it.                                                                                           This is where starlight energy can bring in the key that you have been looking for.When we connect to this often overlooked part of us, we open up a whole different perspective of things.  We are more able to see how to work through the old patterning that has held us back and often we connect back to things that we have long forgotten that we enjoyed. It is like bringing another part of us online.

It is a very subtle process and yet can bring a profound shift in how we feel about ourselves and what is going on in our lives.

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