Energetic Upgrade ponders – Metaphorically speaking!


Energetic upgrades are definitely no stranger to us this year!

There has been a few discussions going on around me on this topic and it has set me off on a ponder again … oh you know how I love a good ponder!
I was sat outside in the autumnal sunshine, enjoying the warmth and the fresh air. The washing line full and as I watched the washing swinging back and forward ever more wildly trying to find its centre in the ever increasing winds it reminded me of “us” and how we are constantly bombarded by external energies and are therefore constantly trying to gather our energetic “bits” like an over full handbag spilling its contents on the floor as we desperately make a rush for where we are heading…. Needing to run forward while fighting to keep our energy – (like our metaphorical handbag and escaping contents) together.
Perhaps we need to lose that part of ourselves? Perhaps we are in dire need to make room for the new?
We can’t keep returning to where we have been and yet expect to be changed – expect to hold the new that excites us that fires up the energies in our soul … while trying to restrain it in that old handbag that is already bursting at the seems.
We are in energetic upgrade mode – look at our computers- when we continue upgrading there comes a point when some of the programmes we used to run on it are incompatible. We can upgrade, and try to find upgraded compatible programmes, and keep on doing so but there comes a point that no amount of trying can run the old programme anymore, the systems become outdated and incompatible.
Do we find an alternative programme that will do a similar job?
Or like wearing water wings when we learn to swim – there comes a point when they are superfluous and we really just need to let go and trust in ourselves and our ability to navigate the new?
If we are happy to run on “almost” functioning programmes that get us “by” then that is really ok ! We don’t NEED to upgrade if it renders us so uncomfortable. We can learn, and in fact should learn to do things at our own pace.
However there will come a time when the system fails and no amount of engineering will “fix” it.
It may well be that this is all of our life and that we can meander quite happily through our lifetime running this programme – diligently tweaking where necessary.
However if a large surge of energy occurs suddenly and we are forced to upgrade then it is sure to cause feelings of disruption and discomfort.
Think on it like if our pc breaks down and we have to buy a new one, it generally happens at a totally inconvenient time and costs a little too much. We are generally knee deep in work when it happens and the cost then becomes not only an added energetic outlay ( think financial) one but costs us a lot in time and effort. We have to learn how to navigate the new system as well as unfamiliar tools just when we could do without the added hassle!
If we suddenly are disconnected from the energies that we are familiar with we can end up feeling like a fish out of water or like a little fishy just set free in an ocean full of unfamiliar and overwhelming currents.
When upgrades are imminent we can be surrounded by people who are at a similar place, which holds some comfort and yet some confusion. Some will try and convince us we will be fine running this old programme or in fact do without it, while others will be adamant that we need to take the plunge and upgrade NOW like our life literally depends on it!

This is where your own inner sat nav NEEDS to be engaged.

What is right for you? Is staying in the energy of the “old” making you feel stifled and restricted? Is change making you feel like everything is going to fast and crumbling around you?
Where feels right for you? where do you need to be?
There are trail blazers, there are way showers, there are comforters there are key holders and many, many more roles. You need to find your role within the upgrade.
Hey and just to complicate things we don’t always accept the same role in each upgrade. Sometimes we are the front runners, integrating and digesting the process as we run forward ( remember the running while stuffing things into the handbag analogy?) We can take responsibility for highlighting the way for others ….
Then again sometimes we are more passive and stand with the sign posts helping others on their way. At the same time we can be the ones who sit and resist the process until we no longer have a choice.
It is always our choice in which category we wish to be part of and its allowing ourselves the freedom to be the one that is most compatible with us at that time. Some people get in a pickle if they find themselves in different territory to the usual. However we need to take things at our own pace and if that means rushing to the front, even though leading scares us, or as a natural leader having to take a seat and allow the process to run and others to facilitate our safe arrival at our destination – the process of giving up that element of control can be further out of our comfort zones than we have ever been. Yet the lessons contained there for us will be worth more than their weight in gold.
Know that as with every upgrade we WILL find our way – its more about staying comfortable and not overwhelming ourselves in the process ….
Wishing you the clarity to find your role and your way in these turbulent times,
with much starlight love, Sally xxx

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