About you

  • You have strong emotions and feel things acutely.
  • You are sensitive to both your environment and to those around you.
  • You tend to have strong empathy towards others
  • You cope admirably with life most of the times but when overwhelm arises it hits you hard and leaves you feeling tired and defeated and disorientated.
  • You can be easily moved to tears of either joy or sadness and It can feel at times as though you have no control over these emotions.
  • You might dread certain situations for fear of not coping emotionally. In extreme cases you may even avoid these situations.
  • You may also be embarrassed that your emotions are visible to others and feel judged
  • You may find being around too many people a challenge and crowded places can make you feel weak, wobbly and unable to think straight.
  • You may well have grown up in an emotionally charged environment and learned unhelpful strategies to cope with your own emotions.
  • You may have been teased for being “too” emotional as a child and have inadvertently taken those peoples views on as your own.
  • You often feel misunderstood and alone even when surrounded by others.

All of these things stem from being highly sensitive and not knowing how to maintain your boundaries with  others. I also resonated with the above and have spent many years finding ways that work and helping other people find their ways.

We are all unique, there is no one size fits all, but there are common threads that can be worked with to enable us to live a more fulfilling life – to enjoy our sensitivities without them taking over.

If you would like to find out how I could help support you to find “your” way then please book a free skype chat with me by clicking this link to my online diary.