Are you ready to take your starlight led journey of self discovery?

Embracing the divine within ~ A Starlight led journey of self discovery.

What’s included
Initial evaluation 1hr call 1:1 via Skype/Zoom

3 Starlight Essences

3 Guided meditations

2 evaluation feedback sessions via email

Final evaluation 1hr call 1:1 via Skype/Zoom

3 To do checklist sheets & 3 evaluation sheets

Working with me alongside the star channelled essences over a period of 16 weeks,  will take you on a journey of self discovery and understanding. On this journey you will be guided  to consciously explore your soul passion, and bring awareness to what is holding you back and any self limiting patterns. I will support and guide you, as you take this inner journey and allow the starlight energy to reawaken within you. Working with the Star energy brings a whole new dimension to your healing journey. (Although connecting with the energy of the stars we will be doing so in a very grounded down to earth way.)

We will be working on a divinely guided process alongside the energy of specific stars/constellations and this energy is infused in the vibrational essences that you will be provided with. Using the essences in this specific way helps us to unfold in a sequence that is helpful in promoting awareness, shifting blocks and bringing insights that promote momentum on our way forward.

Working with this awareness you can begin to make informed choices of how to move forward towards your dreams and goals. You may begin to see outdated patterns of response that are no longer required. This awareness brings you the options to make any changes should you choose to.

This process will help you move forward with more clarity, confidence and a ​sense of purpose. ​

You will be guided  to connect with, and embrace the divine balance of both the feminine and masculine within. When we create balance here we empower ourselves and can connect more fully with our soul path/heart’s desire. ​

When you register, your first Essence will be posted out to you and links to access the information and worksheets will be sent via email. You will always be added to my private  new Facebook support group that has been created purposefully to support you as you take this journey. Each month we will begin with a guided meditation to help introduce you to the energy of the essence you will be taking.

I will also pull a card for guidance for you and send you a short reading of what has came through intuitively for you.

You can then follow the guidance on the “to do” sheet. You have the chance to explore as you need to over the course of the month and to then submit an informal evaluation to enable me to support you as you go through this journey. If you have any insights to share or are looking for clarity on something support is available via the group page.

I will reply with feedback on your evaluation form /email and include the card reading insight for the following month. Your next essence and information will be sent out to you at this time.

Mid way during the month there will be a distance healing sent out and details of how to “tap into” this energy will be sent in due course.



Would I benefit from this process?

This process is for you if you:

Are familiar with basic meditation techniques and self inquiry

Are ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level

Want to explore your connection to the stars and your higher self

Have an open mind

If you are willing to put effort and work into finding this awareness – I will walk with you on this journey.

This process is not for you:

If you are looking for a quick fix or someone else to do the work for you

If you are not open to new concepts and ideas and are not willing to put time and effort into the process.

If you are afraid to explore the deeper layers that hold the potential for the greatest change

( see the video at the bottom of the page to hear a personal experience of this journey)

To find out further if you would like to take this journey with me please click on the link below to book a free Starlight Clarity call. I think it is important that you feel comfortable taking this journey and this call gives us a chance to connect and to discuss your needs and cover any questions you may have.

To book your free Starlight Clarity call click the link


About my starlight journey

I have been drawn to the stars as far back as I can remember and as a child could spend hours mesmerised by them. I have had a lot of interesting experiences with starlight energies and began my work with this energy in earnest back in 2010 where I began to receive downloads of information in dream time or meditation. When I researched the information it blew me away with how accurate it was and just what I was tapping into. With every new star energy I encountered it brought a new facet to my personal healing journey.

It has been a long journey and I have had to put faith in things that I didn’t always understand. I also wasn’t ready to “come out” and speak publicly about this information. The stars themselves taught me a basic knowledge of star maps and I would find myself constantly drawn to one area of the sky and a specific configuration of stars. With a little research I would find out what constellations and stars I was working with and then the download process would begin in earnest.

Three years ago I began getting the calling to make star channelled essences and much as it felt right I did resist the process for a while. When I eventually accepted that I could do this everything began to flow and information came thick and fast.

I was divinely guided to bring through these 3 essences and shown how to work with them in a specific sequence to attain the best growth and transformation. Working with the Star energy brings a whole new dimension to your personal journey. Everyone who has worked with them has had their own unique experience and it has been an honour to share in these journeys.

I look forward to speaking with you soon to see how a journey with starlight essences  could support you

With Starlight love

Sally xxx

To book your free Starlight Clarity call click here

You can watch this video that the lovely Rhian Kivits, Love & Intimacy Mentor shares about her experience of her Star Essence journey.