Do you need an Ascension Midwife?

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Energy is fluid in its movements and as we dance with this cascading energy – we too are part of this dance and  are constantly growing and expanding ourselves, our ideas, our energy and our trajectory in life. Always shedding outdated modes of being and unhelpful patterns. Sometimes the shifts are small and swift, other times they […]

A healing journey

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I’ve been working on some deep stuff the last few weeks and wanted to share, working as usual with various essences and  I had begun to write up a report on a recent plant journey with Nettle that I had been part of. This journey  had really highlighted how my body had held old emotional […]

It is Time~~~

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We are in interesting times, there is a deep remembering going on. The solar and stellar energies we are currently bathing in are potent to say the least. We are able to access these amazing energies with a heightened awareness. I personally am being pulled back to working with star codes and their messages that […]

Energy upgrades – a new reference point?

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There is so much talk about the new energies coming in and energetic shifts in general and for many it can be really disorientating. These shift have been happening since time immemorial but there have been significant shifts in the energy around and within us very recently. Everyone is being affected to a greater or […]

Learning to share

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  Holding on too tightly to our gifts and not allowing others to take or receive from us is detrimental to our well-being. Like the tree overly heavy with fruit we become burdened by so much weight. When we sit back and don’t actively share with others, what we offer in a way becomes tainted. […]

All is not as it seems!

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There has been some tricky energy about these past few weeks, not least caused by the eclipses, Solar flares and planetary influences! There have been a whole lot of intensely irritated and tense people and it’s interesting that a few weeks into this icky phase that there are lots of coughs, headaches, skin irritations and other […]