EeeShel Trinity Essences

EeeShel Trinity Essences are a range of co created essences which have arrived over the last few years. They were only launched for sale in September 2018 and had been used exclusively with my clients during consultation until then.

The essences that have been released for general sale so far include:

The Gentle Warrior – Scarlet Anemone

This is a gentle grounding essence that helps you focus in the present moment. It is particularly useful when we have things to deal with that feel “too much” emotionally for us. It helps us to find the courage to roll up our sleeves, maximise our efforts and get on with dealing with what or who we have to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   It was initially created to support the parents of special needs children in their dealings with the health and educational system which can be an extremely daunting task.

White Carnation

This is a gently uplifting energy which supports and gently smooth’s the rough edges. Bringing a feeling of calm and security especially in areas where we feel exhausted. A sensual protective and nurturing essence that almost feels like we have the white carnation fairy godmother holding our hand.               An excellent essence for self care.

Self Heal,  

This supportive essence allows us to regroup our energy and bounce back. It brings awareness to unhelpful patterns that are not for our highest good and allows us to feel hope and take action towards a more positive outlook. Self heal for self care and resilience.

Ease & Grace,

Co created with White & Magenta Phalaenopsis Orchid, This essence brings encouragement and support. It encourages us to get out of our comfort zone and helps to keep us on track with things when we feel like we might falter. Helps keep momentum going that will get the task done but without taking the long way round or overcomplicating the process. Allows us to flow — well with grace and ease!

After the Storm,

A combination essence. A synergistic blend of Grape Hyacinth, Self Heal and White Carnation. It was created initially to help support parents coping with the emotional aftermath of their child’s meltdown. However it seems to be coming into its own as an essence to support in times when you feel there is a relentless drain on your  energy and literally feel like you’ve been in the eye of the storm. This essence supports as it gently allows our resilience to surface bringing sight of hope and that all will be well. A reminder that this is a temporary state of mind.

Black Viola

Helps us embody the purest expression of our heart and mind – it allows us to face the world in our own unique and authentic way. Accompanies us on the journey back to embrace our divine feminine and supports us in our empowered acceptance of our sovereignty.


Harnessing the energy of this “star born stone of transformation” – opens our hearts to accept ourselves at our deepest level and to ignite our latent healing potential that will insist in raising our vibration. Especially when we have been using resistance and outdated excuses to hold ourselves back. Although Moldavite can be a “bland” looking stone it is particularly high vibration and  packs a real energetic punch.

Grape Hyacinth   

(Muscari grape), Brings hope especially when you feel alone. Helps us to feel less disconnected from others and to what is going on around us. Helps us to dissolve feelings of despair.

Dreaming in a New World,  
An essence co created with a group of wonderful vibrational healers in the South West of France – What are your visions for the way you would like to see the world. This essence helps support you as you connect and dream your version and add your beautiful energy to the process.

You can watch this short video allows you to “feel” this process and how this essence can help you

Each 10ml essence is £11.00 with £3 p&p within the Uk ( outwith UK please contact me to discuss postage costs)

3 essences can be purchased for £35.00 including p&p

The  set of 9 essences can be purchased for £95 including p&p

To order please email me at

* Please note at this time the Star Channelled Essences are only available as part of Starlight Led Journey of Self Discovery programme  or after its completion *What does “EeeShel” mean – EeeShel is actually the phonetic spelling of Ixchel, who is the Mayan moon goddess. She was in love with the Sun god and as a result of their union she bore 4 sons the Jaguar gods of the stars ( and the 4 directions. I stumbled across Ixchel Temple on one of my travels followed by finding the Jaguar Temple a few months later on travels to Belize. I had quite an interesting energetic experience there and as the Sun, Moon and Stars are my passions it felt right to honour them in this way.

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