Work with me

There are several ways that you can work with me.                                 I offer Starlight Express Sessions, Starlight led journey of Self Discovery Package and Starlight Immersion Process. To choose which is the most appropriate way for you please see the information below:

I do not work with anyone unless I have already had a brief chat with them to make sure first and foremost that I am able to help with what they are looking for and then most importantly to make sure that we are compatible and will work well together.
I feel it’s important for you to be comfortable with the person you are working with as this enables you to get the most out of the process.      To book your free introductory session please click on this link to my online diary, if there are no suitable times for you please contact me and I will try an accommodate your needs. 

Starlight Express Session.
This is a one to one session via zoom where we will look explore your health and emotional wellbeing and “life story” Through a very simple and yet profound process we will find a bespoke blend of vibrational essences to support you as you explore what we have found and begin to allow the awareness to shift old patterns and anything that is holding you back. After our session your personal support essences will be sent out to you and a short written report of our discussion with any relevant recommendations also emailed to you.
Please not there will be a questionnaire to fill in prior to this session and the session will take around an hour and a half.

This session is for you if:
There is a pressing issue you want specific targeted help with
You want to work with me but are not ready to commit to a longer process at this time
You just need that little bit of assistance to gain clarity on something you are working through.

Anyone can benefit from this session however this session is not for you if:
You are looking for  more intensive support
You are not ready to accept responsibility for change

Starlight Journey of self Discovery.
Would you like to work with Starlight energy in a very down to earth and practical way? Would you love to learn how to embrace that energy within yourself and to release your potential?                             I currently offer a package of 3 x one hour one to one exploration sessions, taken at 3 weekly intervals, where you will explore a specific Starlight Essence and its qualities and how it relates to you and your journey.
The areas worked on are Divine Potential, Divine Connection and Divine Sovereignty and you will receive these 3 essences (+ a bonus essence) by post.
This process will help you connect to your starlight within and help you gain clarity on where your own personal journey is going, and deepen your understanding of yourself. You will also be sent 3 Starlight Immersion Meditations to assist you in connecting with the essences. Included is a bonus meditation to begin your journey and also a corresponding essence to help you kick-start your journey.

This process is for you if:
You are happy to work through things on your own with minimal support
You are wanting to work with a specific area of your life or a specific issue
You wish to explore your own connection to Starlight in a structured way
You are looking to boost your spiritual connection

This process is not for you if:
Want someone else to give you the answers
Need step by step guidance
You are not open or ready to accept new viewpoints
You are not ready to accept responsibility for change.

Starlight Immersion Process.
This is a 16 week programme for deepening your journey of self-discovery, spiritual development and furthering your healing journey.
The package includes 3 x one to one session’s via zoom. The first will which will include a full In depth look at your life “story” and where we will explore more deeply what areas require focus in order to move forward. A personalised blend of essences and the 4 starlight essences most suited to you will be chosen at your first session and posted out to you.
There will also be distance healing sessions and intuitive guidance offered on a monthly basis.
You will also have access to a Facebook group where you can ask additional questions and receive support and guidance as you go for the 16 weeks you are following the programme. If you do not use Facebook additional support can be offered fortnightly via email. (Please note all one to ones must be booked and taken within the 16-week period)

This programme is for you:
If you are ready to shift your spiritual growth and emotional wellbeing to the next level                                                                                        If you are looking for guidance and support to help you stay focussed and to dive deeply into the process.                                                        If you are ready to let go of outdated patterns that no longer serve you
If you are willing to be open and honest both about and to yourself
If you are willing to spend some time on self reflection and meditation to assist the process
If you are tired of feeling like you’re missing something that is the key to you moving forward.
If you are willing to ask for help when you need it.

This programme is NOT for you:
If you are looking for a quick fix
If you are looking for someone else to do the work for you
If you are not ready to embrace change                                                   If you are not prepared to put in some time and effort to benefit from this process.

Flower and Vibrational Essences                                                         I have co created a range of vibrational essences to support various emotional issues. The essences are called EeeShel Trinity Essences and are available to purchase via the shop page. There are flower, gem and starlight channelled essences to choose from. Each essence has a specific signature and is chosen to help your specific needs. You can simply choose what feels best from the descriptions of the essences or if you are particularly drawn to a specific image then trust that this is the essence that is right for you. Vibrational essences are very subtle but can also be very powerful.
Here is a link to the description of the essences.

To discuss this further and find out how it could support you please click on this link to my online diary to book a free chat