Work with me

Have you been doing inner work for some time now and are ready to push through to the next level?

Would you love to find how to navigate the new energies with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication?

There are several ways that I can help you to decode what is going on and how to move forward. To choose what is the most appropriate way for you please see the information below:

Flower and Vibrational Essences

I have co created a range of vibrational essences to support various emotional issues. The essences are called EeeShel Trinity Essences and are available to purchase via the shop page.

Each essence has a specific signature and will help you to break through the limitations that the negative aspect of these emotions.  Vibrational essences are very subtle but can also be very powerful.

Here is a link to the descriptions of the Essences.

Starlight Immersions                                                                                                                                         These are meditations activated with the energy of specific stars and used to help your deeper understanding of how the energy relates to you on a personal level. The Meditations can be used on their own or alongside the Essences to enhance each other. There are also room Immersion Sprays created with  supporting essences and a bespoke blend of essential oils. This blend of oils has been created in collaboration with Christine at Pearlaroma.( Sprays coming soon)

One to one Consultations                                                                                                              Conusltations can be carried out face to face or via Zoom or Skype. First sessions last approximately 90 minutes and during this session we discuss your story, your needs and begin to interpret what is going on for you. Through a very simple and yet profound process we will find a bespoke blend of vibrational essences to support you as you explore what we have found and begin to allow the awareness to shift old patterns and anything that is holding you back. After our session your personal support essences will be sent out to you.

Starlight Led Journey of Self Discovery
Would you like to work with Starlight energy in a very down to earth and practical way? Would you love to learn how to embrace that energy within yourself and to release your potential? Would you like to find out how working with the energy of specific stars and constellations could help you explore your own divine potential. How it can enhance your connection with your inner guidance and connect more fully with others and to the wisdom of the stars. Find out how this process could help you feel empowered and more connected to your divine sovereignty.
This is a 16 week supported programme working with a different essence each month along side prompts and guided meditations to help you explore your own starlight potential.
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To discuss this further and find out how it could support you please click on this link to my online diary to book a free chat